The Bush Babes' Tale

The Bush Babes initiative was born in October 2010. Leilani Basson, then a photo journalist for Leisure Wheels magazine, invited six women (typical girlie girls) on a weekend away for an article she needed to do for a client. This was to be the first in a series of articles about these women learning the 'ropes' of offroading and camping.

Most of these women had never driven a 4x4, were not exactly the adventurous type and had never gone away without their husbands and children. They however all had one thing in common: they wanted to enjoy the outdoors and 4x4 lifestyle, but on their own terms.

The initial project showed immense potential and morphed into the Bush Babes brand and a series of articles where these, or other like-minded women acted as pioneers to discover new grounds on behalf of all the women out there who’ve always wanted to do the 4x4 thing, but was either too scared or too intimidated by the men in their lives.

These babes set off on various adventures to create a following and female presence in Leisure Wheels magazine to eventually launch the Bush Babes Club and Bush Babes Safaris. We were very proud to launch the official Bush Babes Club  in the January issue of Leisure Wheels in 2012 and have grown frrom strength to strength since then.

Allthough the club previously fell under the Leisure Wheels magazine, it is now a private enterprise and we are looking forward to continued adventures and fun days with the Bush Babes  with a jam-packed program of 4x4 training weekends, community projects, survival camps and exclusive safaris for women only. Since we however believe in a balanced lifestyle, we regularly have family and kiddies events too!



Bush Babes Core Values


The Bush Babes Adventure and Safari Club:

  • thrives on positivity, "paying it forward" and personal growth. So bring along your good spirit and positive attitude and share it without reserve;

  • is a "place" for like-minded women to get away from the stresses and complications of work and home life; so leave your stresses and complications at home (and we trust that you will be able to go back to resolve these);

  • is a women's club for like -minded women to enjoy the outdoors, experience adventures and make new female friends while getting to grips with off-road driving;

  • is in favour of balanced socialising, and, as such, we call on all participants/members to respect and exert the wholesome image that Bush Babes strive to portray.


To become a member of the Bush Babe Club and join the bunch of Babes who are already making a difference - all while having the time of their lives -  fill in the enrollment form under "How to Join".


Awaken your inner babe and go BUSH!!!